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Java Odata Tutorial part 3

Hi ! Today we add producer class to our project. Lets start ! 🙂 Create package „producer”. Right click on „java” folder, then select New -> Package. Inside package, create producer class named JavaJPAServiceFactory. Fill class by the code bellow. [crayon-6389732daf7c4216309624/] Create new package „resources” in main package. Inside package create persistence.xml file. Fill file by code bellow. [crayon-6389732daf7cd003261063/] Click on create …

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Java Odata tutorial part 2

Welcome in second part of Java Odata Olingo tutorial. Today we add maven support to our project. Let’s start ! Right click on your project, and select „Add Framework Support…”, next in window check Maven. Next wait a moment and in a popup click on „Enable auto import” Fill pom.xml like bellow. This give us required libraries. [crayon-6389732db00da608767431/]   It …

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Java Odata tutorial part 1

Hi 🙂 This tutorial will be written in English. I hope this is not a problem for you. Let’s get started. First of all you should create empty project with your model. I make all operations in IntellIJ, repository is available on github under this url: https://github.com/pawelwiejkut/olingo_odata_tutorial Open IntelIJ and create a package „model”. Our class model should look like on image …

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