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Developing custom HANA adapter – quickstart

Hello 🙂 In this blog post, I will show you how you can fast start with developing custom HANA adapters in JAVA. S-User is required to download data provisioning agent:https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/softwarecenter/template/products/%20_APP=00200682500000001943&_EVENT=DISPHIER&HEADER=Y&FUNCTIONBAR=N&EVENT=TREE&NE=NAVIGATE&ENR=73555000100200005999&V=MAINT&TA=ACTUAL&PAGE=SEARCH/HANA%20DP%20AGENT%202.0 I downloaded Linux version, but windows should work too (I’m on Mac OS). I will proceed in SAP Hana Studio because Eclipse is missing some packages. If you don’t have …

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