How to install DWF on SAP Hana Express

Hello all,

Last time, during opens course „Modern Data Warehousing with SAP BW/4HANA”, I learned about SAP SQL Data Warehousing. This topic was even more exciting to me, because I’m an SAP BW Consultant, and I don’t knew before about possibility to build your own SAP Warehouse directly on HANA database. So why I can’t just install this add-on on my private Hana DB, to check this out by myself? This is so simple, and this article shows you how to do this, starting from fresh SAP HANA XSA installation.


  • S-USER for DWF download,
  • 4 cores of CPU (in my case), and 12 GB RAM for VM,
  • SAP Hana Server + Applications  (XSA),
  • two hours of free time.

SAP Hana XSA instalaltion

First of all, you have to download SAP HANA Express, there are many possible variants to achieve this. My recommended way is just to download and run the full official VM image, which you can run on most popular operating systems. Tutorial on how to do this, you can find there:

The most important thing is that you have to download option with applications, because of DWF is a plugin.

SAP HANA Express SLES registration

The second thing is registering your SLES machine to get the registration code. This code is necessary to register our copy of SUSE Linux Enterprise server. I propose to perform this step to avoid issues with the installation of your virtual machine tools responsible for access to host machine disc. You can skip this step if you don’t need to install any packages in SLES, and if you are able to move downloaded DWF plugin in another way ( i.e. you can download it using CURL, from local machine HTTP server ).

    1. Check your system version by run:
    2. Go to SLES download page, and select your version of OS
    3. Register yourself
    4. When your registration code is ready, you will be able to log in at There you should see something similar to:
    5. Now you need to provide this code into Yast tool. To do this by copy/paste you can simply login by ssh into the machine, and run:
      then go to Software -> Product registration
    6. Here provide your e-mail and registration code
    7. Repositories should be refreshed. Now, you should be able to install any additional software.

Data warehouse foundation download

This part of article is based on offical SAP documentation, if you have any troubles, please refer  to this.

  1. Please check your Hana version. Execute
  2. Go to SAP Launchpad software download,and next please folow:
  3. Add to basket and download you version of DWF using SAP Download manager from official SAP site 
  4. In your Hana VM Machine, please start jobscheduler-broker
  5. Mount your external catalog, with downloaded plugin and run command dependend of your version:
  6. After succesfull instalation you should see similar confirmation:
  7. For now you only need to enable plugin in SAP WEB IDE, go to
    Login as XSA_DEV, with your master password.
  8. Click on rack icon on the left panel (3 icon from the top), and go to Features. Find SAP Hana Data Warehousing foundation, click „ON” and then „Save”.



Voilla ! Eveything is ready for now. You can test DWF by yourself, I recomend offical tutorials like:


Happy testing and see you soon ! 🙂

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