How to extend desi​cion​ tree in process chain?

Hi folks,

Toady short tutorial about extending the decision tree in the process chain. As you probably know decision three blocks can be extended. In our example, we want to run delta info package in everyday processing, and depending on our customizing perform a full load.

Process chain example
Customization table example

Basically, if the value of param ISIP in our customer table is set to DELTA, we want to execute the delta info package. If param will be set to the FULL, execute ISIP in full mode.

Mainly object used to achieve our goal is BAPI: RSAR_CONNECTOR, where we need to create the function, which can be later used in formula:

Lets go to se18, and create new implementation

The best idea now is to NOT ACTIVATE this implementation before fully fill implementing the class. Let’s just double click on the class name

If you activate implementation with wrong function definition, then you have to clear entries in table: SFBMETHSIG before enable implementation once again. In other way function structure will be not updated.

Basic class should look like below:

After using our new function C_CHECK_CUST in the process chain, we get desired result

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