Create new SAP Client

In SAP NetWeaver world clients are used to may purposes. One of the business purposes can be handling many of sub-companies on one system. From a development perspective, you can use a different client to protect your development, or split them by development and unit tests. Last time I also create a new client on my instance, to separate client between data to my extractors and rest. How you can achieve this? Let’s start from edit a file on your hard drive.

Operations used for client copy is not complicated. First, of all, you need to run nano /sapmnt/NPL/profile/DEFAULT.PFL and at the end of the file add one line:

This will enable to login on SAP* user, on new client even if this user not exist.

After the restart we have to add a new logical system name, we can do this in transaction sm30 by edit view: V_TBDLS:

When a logical client is created, then it is time to go to the scc4 transaction and create a new client:

After save, you should be able to log on new client using credentials:

Unfortunately, the new client is empty and don’t have necessary data, even to create a new user. The simplest way to solve this issue is copy data from one client to another using transaction sccl.

And that’s all ! After copy you should be able to login on your new client without issues.

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