Change database entry in se16

Hi all,

Today I show you a very simple and short solution to add, edit or remove table entries by SE16. Sometimes you just want to just add a record to make some fast test, and there is no reason to make a maintenance view or write a program.

  1. First step to do this you just can go to SE16 select a table and run debug by insert /hs.
  2. Next, select i.e. „show record” option, and go to Breakpoints-> Breakpoint at-> Breakpoint at Subroutine.
  3. Program: SAPLSETB , Fmla: SET_STATUS_VAL . Now press F8.
  4. Now change 'code’ value to one from „if” list, i.e EDIT if you want to edit the entry.
  5. Violla, now you should be able to change and save entry.

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