Blockchain service API project


It is time to announce my new big project which I started today: Blockchain SOAP Service API.

As you maybe know, SAP wants to start they own cloud service called: blockchain as a service. For now, we don’t have many details, and work is in progress. So what should you do if you want to execute your Smart Contract, or just send Etherium in ABAP to someone? You can just follow this project and keep fingers crossed for me 🙂

Github project address

This project is hosted on git. For now, public available is:

In future, there should be also an ABAP example available.

How run this api?

Just deploy this app to glassfish server. Next, create ABAP consume service like here.

What is working for now?

If you just now clone the repository, you can:

  • connect to your wallet by using INFURA
  • send money to some contract

What should this service do in the future?

  • deploy smart contract
  • using smart contract


This project is now based on web3j service, glassfish and jax-ws.


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