How to install GIT for ABAP and configure with GitHub

Probably if you ever coded in some other languages like JAVA or Python you used some control version software like GIT or SVN. If you ever wondered about a similar solution exist in ABAP, the answer is simple – yes it is. If you ever use SAP Link (which is deprecated for now), this article can be also useful. Abapgit allows also to transport code between systems in zip files.

Installation is very simple, all you have to do is go to the official project GitHub here. Next, create the ABAP report, paste the code and activate. Violla ! you have properly configured git tool.

If we want to get GitHub certificate, the easiest way is to get that using Chrome. Just run a browser, go to the GitHub web page, and just drag and drop certs.

Next, we have to visit transaction STRUST and import our certs.

Final result should looks like below:

In a final step, just add lines below:

in case of NPL SAP NetWeaver developer, you should add this into the file:

Restart your server and voila, everything is working and we are ready to commit our code.

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