Activate BPC in SAP NPL

As you maybe know SAP ABAP Developer version (with SID NPL) is shipped with BPC. Below I show you some instructions how to activate this function.

Service activation

First, lets go to the SICF transaction and activate services below:

  • /sap/EPM_BPC
  • /sap/public/bc
  • /sap/es/ina/
  • /sap/bw/cs
  • /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/bpcwebclient
  • /sap/bw/ina
  • /sap/public/myssocntl

System prepare

Now we have to make some configuration steps in the system to avoid some issues ( like blank page ) in the future.

  1. Go to SE38, execute program: /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE
  2. Go to tab: Single SAPUI5 Repository Only.
  4. Click to Execute.

Increase PXA memory space

Before we execute the last report and login to the dashboard, we have to increase PXA memory. If this step is not fulfilled, we can face dump PXA_NO_FREE_SPACE during the run of the last report. More information in the note:

We have to edit parameter abap/buffersize using nano:

And increase value. I changed mine to 2000000.

Activate the environment

The last step is environment activation by executing report UJS_ACTIVATE_CONTENT

After the run of the program, everything should be working fine. Now you should be able to visit:


Without any issues.

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