30 days of ABAP GitHub push [ summary ]

Today a little summary of my last 30 days challenge regarding every day push to my GitHub projects. What were the projects? First one is designed for automation of transformation creation. Basically, this development is responsible for a one-click change of existing routine and add in this place dedicated class, which is also automatically created. To read more about this project, visit the GitHub page:


[WPGP gif_id=”1186″ width=”600″]

For now, a version in the master branch can change only start routine. To get support for end routine, please clone version from the development branch, which currently supports more functions:

A second development is a collection of useful method and programs which can be helpful every day SAP BW working day. Unfortunately 30 days is not so long time and for now, this class contains currently only a few methods. You can follow the changes here:


Projects are also mentioned on https://dotabap.org where you can also find other useful ABAP GitHub projects. More information about those projects will be available when I add more functions.

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