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My name is Pawel Wiejkut and I'm a SAP Consultant since 2016. Here you can find some of my knowledge about SAP & Databases. For videos please check out my youtube channel and follow me on instagram. This blog is migrated from wordpress version - pawelwiejkut.net.

BW Tips and Tricks

How to add new line character in text variable ? If you want to add a new line character in text variable of customer exit type, just use standard class cl_abap_char_utilities=>newline: e_t_range = VALUE #( ( sign = 'I' opt = 'EQ' low = | LINE 1 { cl_abap_char_utilities=>newline } LINE2 | ) ).

May 29, 2023 · 1 min

Lumira cheat sheet

How to check dahsboard in different language ? To check the dashboard display in different language, please add following parameters to the URL: LANGUAGE=EN COUNTRY=US Example: http://example.com:9999//BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=xji8HAJksao&LANGUAGE=EN&COUNTRY=US How to set up query template In Lumira, you don’t have to create separate dashboard for each query if it should look and work the same way. You can crate one dahsboard with one datasource and use following parameters: XQUERY=technical_name_of_bw_query XSYSTEM=cuid:olap_connection_cuid Example: http://example.com:9999//BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=xji8HAJksao&XQUERY=ZBW_FI_Q001&XSYSTEM=cuid:jKIoa98a Also a small entry in the startup script of the template is required: DS_1....

November 6, 2022 · 1 min

BW Fiori cheat sheet

Important transactions in the context of BW Fiori Apps: Tile Maitenance - category,group /ui2/flpd_cust Transaltion SE63, Short Text, TABL, WDY_CONF_USERT2 Cache /UI2/INVALIDATE_CLIENT_CACHES /UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE /UI2/DELETE_CACHE

August 8, 2022 · 1 min

How to trace BW BPC Authorization

Process of building authorization in BW with, and without BPC, is different. Reason is user authorization are enhanced by roles assigned to them in BPC administration panel. For more information about this process you can search for Data Access Profiles (DAPs). Common ways Common ways to check the BW auth is: Execute query on the affected user in rsudo - But it may not be enough, please check more Check authorization log using SU53 Trace authorization using ST01, STAUTHTRACE or similar BPC Most important difference is that user is sometimes able to execute the query in rsrt, but in the same time is not able to execute the BPC Planing workbook laing on the same object....

June 4, 2022 · 1 min

Manual deployment from ABAP to SAP HANA

Normally BW objects are transported to HANA using a transportation system, but what can be done when transport fails? When you have authorization to repat the import - it is still ok. You can go to Sap Transport Management system (transaction: STMS) and reimport. Thinks get much more complicated when you do not have the necessary rights. Let me share with you my notes about this process. Authorization To manually deploy ABAP objects to SAP Hana databse you need a following authorization:...

February 11, 2022 · 2 min

Jak zainstalować SAPa żeby nauczyć się ABAPa?

Cześć! To jest poradnik dla kompletnych laików, dlatego też tytuł jest bardzo skrótowy. Co bowiem oznacza instalacja SAP-a ? SAP (Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung) jest nazwą firmy, powstałej w 1972 roku w Waldorfie zajmującej się tworzeniem oprogramowania. Zachęcam, żeby poczytać więcej o niej tutaj. Dziś chciałem pokazać Ci prosty sposób na instalację systemu SAP NetWeaver, który to umożliwi Ci naukę programowania w języku ABAP. Ten tutorial był kiedyś dostępny w wersji tekstowej, teraz dostępna jest duzo nowsza wersja wideo, która równiez jest częścią płatnego kursu abap dostępnego pod adresem https://saponit....

January 29, 2022 · 1 min

ABAP1909 A4H HANA Login Details

If you want to login into HANA DB on ABAP1909 platform - in the example to create a calculation view, change something please use bellow details: For the tentant database SYSTEMDB (i.e to make some administrative changes): user SYSTEM with the password Ldtf5432 For the single-container database HDB (i.e to make some development): user SAPA4H with the password Ldtf5432 In both cases, the instance number is 02. Example in Eclipse:

January 28, 2022 · 1 min

Useful modern ABAP statements for BW transformations

ABAP 7.4 SAP introduced a lot of inline declarations. Nevertheless in BW world many developments are still written in very old syntax, where some of them are even not supported by the cloud version of ABAP (Steampunk). If you want to check out a modern ABAP statement that can be used in BW then this article is definitely for you. Every example contains a previous and a new version to compare....

January 11, 2022 · 3 min

Create ADSO from ABAP

Creating ADSO from ABAP can be easily achieved by cl_rso_adso_api=>create DATA(ls_flags) = VALUE cl_rso_adso_api=>tn_s_adsoflags( direct_update = abap_true ). TRY. cl_rso_adso_api=>create( EXPORTING i_adsonm = "Name of the ADSO i_infoarea = "Infoarea name i_s_adsoflags = ls_flags i_t_object = "Table with all fields i_t_dimension = "Dimension i_t_key = "String table with key IMPORTING e_t_msg = DATA(lt_msg) ). CATCH cx_rs_all_msg INTO DATA(lr_msg). cl_demo_output=>display( EXPORTING data = lr_msg->get_longtext( ) name = 'Error' ). ENDTRY. Full usage examples can be found here

January 6, 2022 · 1 min

Change transport description after release

If you are forced to change transport description after release, you have to consider following changes: Use RDDIT076 to change the description - if not possible, you have to find a way to edit E07T and E070. Change description in TMSBUFTXT to correct display of shorttext in STMS.

January 6, 2022 · 1 min